Offers and price examples


Complete restoration

To Depict a flat rate of € 24,000 including building material, we offer, for example, a standard renovation for a 60 m² apartment. Old material is disposed of. We renovate bathroom and the toilet. Parquet floors are sanded and sealed or new floors laid. Walls and ceilings are interlaced and painted. The installation of new doors is included. All sanitary items such as bathtub and toilet bowl are exchanged. All sockets and light switches are also exchanged.


Bath renovation

To depict a flat rate of 4.500 € including building material, we offer a standard renovation of a bathroom. We remove old tiles and rubble. Walls and floors are balanced. Sealing work is carried out. You can, for example, Between a new bath, shower cubicle or floor-to-ceiling shower. We then tiled walls and floors. New sanitary items are installed.


Painting work

To depict a flat rate of 1,400 € including material, we paint a 70m² 2-3 room apartment in white. For the painting of a 20m² room we charge 400 €. For this, we use the renowned manufacturer Sefra the color Firnweiß. The covering of the floors, furniture, windows and doors is also included.


Parquet flooring

To depict a flat rate of 1600 € including building material, we sand the 70m² parquet floor, seal it and then install new Skirting boards.


Tiling work

We already put tiles from 25 € per m² including material.


Flooring work

For a price of € 15 per m², we are laminating, parquet or vinyl flooring.

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Price examples of finished works (references with prices)



Bath renovation
13465 Berlin


Renovation house
5023 Salzburg


Apartment renovation - designer apartment
1000 Bruxelles


Bath renovation
75018 Paris


Old building renovation - General renovation
101 59 Stockholm


Apartment renovation
8053 Zürich


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