• Apartment renovation 1000 Bruxelles

    Apartment renovation 1000 Bruxelles

    The designer apartment set high architectural requirements. Noble wood, combined with impressive LED technology and indirect Lighting provides a pleasant feeling of living environment.
  • House renovation - 5023 Salzburg

    House renovation 5023 Salzburg

    The house we had built needed a renovation after 15 years. The result: Like new.
  • Bathroom renovation 13465 Berlin

    Bathroom renovation 13465 Berlin

    You do not have to travel to relax. You can always with the private small wellness oasis. Your affordable dream bath tub.
  • Renovation of a restaurant - 1010 Vienna

    Renovation of a restaurant 1010 Wien

    Not only for the palate or enjoyment but also for the eyes. Perfect aesthetics and feel-good atmosphere.
  • Bathroom renovation 12351 Berlin

    Bathroom renovation 12351 Berlin

    The modern dream bath relaxes immediately upon entering. All elements are in harmony with one another. The headspray in the ceiling perfects the result.
  • Renovation of a Villa 75116 Paris

    Renovation of a Villa 75116 Paris

    A masterpiece of aesthetics that creates a summer-like environment. 365 days a year.
  • New house building - 1034 Amsterdam

    New house building - 1034 Amsterdam

    The designer house we built was equipped with the most moder technology and sold at an unbeatable price.
  • Renovation of a restaurant 80689 München

    Renovation of a restaurant 80689 München

    Colorful and cheerful as a rainbow was the imagination of our customer.
  • NOVOSEL Immobilien

    NOVOSEL Immobilien

    The specialist for renovations since 2000
All from one hand. Your architect for everything. Whether apartment renovation, bath renovation, renovation, old building renovation, business premises or top floor constructions. We have successfull individuals, house management and architects.
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Individual works
Individual works
Of course, we also offer all trades individually. From painters, tilers, electricians to plumbers. Even small orders, repairs and maintenance are carried out.
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Real Estate/Fullservice
Real Estate/Fullservice
For real estate owners, we offer a unique service in addition to the general property management: We estimate the value of your apartment or house, free of charge and advise you non-committently about measures that bring increase in value.
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Here you will find an overview of current offers as well as price examples of completed work.
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Our services
Our Services

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Free initial consultation on site

They are provided free of charge and noncommittally. Your project is included in detail.
We help you with material selection, create solution concepts and design proposals.

Non-binding offers

You will receive a noncommittal estimate without delay.
On request, you can choose between square meters or hourly rates.

A contact person for your project

Our construction manager is your only contact in the planning and during the realization of your wishes.

Hand Crafted quality

Our recruiting team, which has been well-coordinated with each other, has done an excellent work since 2000.


Promised and held. Punctuality is important to us.

From single work to complete restoration

Our service package offers you flexible options from the complete renovation to the small reparation or maintenance. Each trade is individually available.

Our works

We are proud to create quality of life.

Our References

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