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Attractive work environment

Good results are always the result of a pleasant working environment. It is therefore a need of NOVOSEL Immobilien to create such a climate for his team. When employees get the feeling of support from the company, they can focus on their skills. The cooperation of the individual strengths enables fast and smooth work. It also strengthens the confidence of the workforce, which guarantees safety and satisfaction.



Because the work at NOVOSEL Immobilien is extremely exhausting, the health of the employees is essential. This point is directly linked to workplace safety. Only those who are physically fit, can meet all the components necessary to comply with the safety guidelines. Therefore, the health of the employees is examined at the beginning of the employment relationship, this process is repeated on a regular basis. Finally, the well-being is important both for the short-term performance of the staff as well as the long-term workability.


Training and further education

In order to meet the high quality requirements, it is necessary that the employees always remain up-to-date. They are constantly trained and informed about the latest developments in the industry. Depending on the abilities, the training is adapted to the employee in order to exploit the individual potential. When and how often these trainings take place is regularly clarified with the employer. Everyone should have the opportunity to undergo a personal and professional development during his professional career with NOVOSEL Immobilien.



As employees have to deal with serious and dangerous items every day, safety is the priority. Both for the team of NOVOSEL Immobilien and for other people who are on the construction site, all potential dangers must be cleared out of the way. Therefore, the staff is informed of the strict guidelines before starting to work. These have been defined by the company and are considered to be irreversible. The rules correspond to the legal regulations and their compliance is regularly checked.

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