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Everything from a single source and including your own supervisor as the only contact, with free first-time inspection, consultation and offer-making. Your architect for everything. Whether you are looking for a house renovation, a residential renovation, a complete renovation, a bath renovation, an old building renovation, an attic flooring, a business conversion, an office renovation or a thermal and energetic renovation. We have a lot of successfull individuals, house management and architects. We renovate all objects from apartments, single and multi-family houses, administrative properties, offices, medical practices, ordinations, business premises, kindergartens, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings to warehouses. We are experts for rebuild projects during ongoing operation in order to minimize any possible impairment. In the case of efficient rebuilding project, every detail has to be agreed and thoroughly analyzed. Where are weak spots in the object to be renovated? Which measures lead to the greatest success at the least cost? You will receive detailed advice on the measures, their profitability and unbeatable flat rate prices.

With the all-inclusive & care-free package, you can sit back and relax without any hassle during the refurbishment, because we do everything for you. Only the product selection which is subject to an individual taste are to be made by you. We develop free of charge conclusive, overall concept that leaves no questions open.
Our team ensures maximum relief for our customers

You just want to paint your apartment or polish your parquet floor?

In the course of restoration (derived from the Latin "heal") structural measures are taken which visually improve the condition of the building by structural alteration are equiped with the most modern technology, or repair it in case of damage such as water or fire damage.

The individual steps of a refurbishment:

  • Planning
  • Because styling is very different and as a result, sometimes difficulties with the decision arise, you can take the advice from our interior designers, or the entire planning of statistical calculations can be carried out up to approval by us.

  • Preparation
  • Your personal King Heinrich Construction Manager can always be reached on the construction site or by telephone. If necessary (eg a partial restoration), their floors, furniture and windows are protected from contamination and damage at the beginning of the work. The entire material is supplied by us or can also be provided by you upon request.

  • Implementation
  • Our Crafting team completes all work steps of the restoration perfectly coordinated, in the highest quality and at the desired dates.

  • Coring
  • Wallpapers, floor coverings, furniture, debris, tiles, sanitary items and other items are removed and disposed of.

  • Water installation
  • The water pipes, water connections, drains are renewed. If necessary, we also renew gas pipes and heating pipes.

  • Electrical installation
  • We bring power lines to the latest legal standard. We install new sockets, light switches and led spots or other light sources.

  • Walls and ceilings
  • All ceilings and walls are plastered, trowelled and painted. Wall damage caused by the stems are remedied. If desired or required, we suspend the ceiling with gypsum board boards, e.g. Current lines replaced by led spots or ventilation pipes without bracing the ceiling.

  • Space distribution
  • On request, we can combine several apartments, separate individual rooms in solid and lightweight construction, change the position of the kitchen as well as bathrooms, or move a WC from the corridor to the apartment. We create wall openings, lay overlays and close unwanted openings. We will provide you with regulatory approvals.

  • Doors and windows
  • Door frames, doors and windows are exchanged or renovated. In the case of renovation, you will be sanded and repainted.

  • Floor
  • New screed and floor coverings such as laminate, vinyl or tiles are laid. Parquet is sanded and sealed or a new one laid. In the case of a possible sagged ceiling, the entire subconstruction is also renewed.

  • Sanitary facilities
  • We renovate bathroom and WC. READ MORE ABOUT BATH RENOVATIONS

  • Control
  • Our construction supervisor checks the completed work with you.




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