- Bath renovation -

13465 Berlin

Project details

Customer: Private
Object size: 14m²
Costs: 5500€ incl. Building material
Construction time: 7 Days
Work: Planning, Realization

The fireplace and dividing wall were removed and overlayed. Old bricks as well as debris were disposed of. Water pipes, heating pipes and drains were established. Ventilation pipes and power lines were installed. Then the walls and the floor were renovated with fast-drying materials. Sealing work according to ÖNORM B3692 was carried out. The ceiling was lowered with an imprinted drywall. The ceiling-mounted overhead shower provides an unmatchable feeling during use. The bathroom was tiled and the ceiling painted. Special Led tubes were installed in the ceiling. Ultimately all sanitary items and the mirror were mounted. The glass wall was fixated by horizontal beams.
Required Maintenance groups:
Floor tiler

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